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More Britney Spears Upskirt Pics

britney spears upskirtNot one to be upstaged by Lindsay Lohan (who’s nude pics were all over the internet yesterday) Britney Spears put her foot forward for her share of the spotlight yet again.

Although it’s still unclear whether the shiny bright patch between her legs is a nice pair of skin-colored panties or it’s just that she shaves well.

britney spears upskirt britney spears upskirt britney spears upskirt

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  • its endless the number of times shes done that… will the media stop bothering now.. i mean her vagina doesnt change over the years does it?



  • wow!!!im done with that pussy thing, its boring to watch nothing changes… same tase heheheh


  • we r tired of seen ur shit briteny,act lyk an grown up mom&show some respect 4 ur kids,coz people dont give a damm abt ur pussy,they only intersested in seeing it &gossip abt some respect


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