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Buy Britney Spears Hair

  Hours after she went bald Britney Spears hair, three-quarters of Red Bull and a blue lighter that she left behind has been put on sale on ebay.

Starting bid on the auction is a million dollars.

Buy Britney’s Hair Ebay

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  • Is this the same Britney Spears that was so hot just a few years ago? She is either coming apart at the seams in front of the whole world, or she is trying to pull one of the weirdest publicity streaks of all time.

    A few years ago she marries a childhood friend, and that lasts about one day.

    She then marries some golddigger (Federline) who takes complete advantage of her. He even goes as far as uploading a private sex tape that he and Britney made. It becomes known as the Britney Spears sex tape and ends up on some of those video dump sites like liveleek and dailymotion. Even now it can still be found on sites like (NSFW). How does she live that down?

    Then she dumps him and starts clubbing without panties with alleged friends Paris Hilton and company. Now she cuts off her hair.

    Is she some kind of wacko or a brilliant marketer?



  • Dude, everyone knows that vid’s a fake lookalike. And the site ur linking to is crap. Nice bit of spam…chump



  • Hmm… she looks better with her shaved head now.

    At this rate look out for the Britney found Dead on overdose of sleeping pills in her room” news article.


  • For comment #1 (John) – yep, that is a fake. A good fake, but a fake nontheless.

    For comment #2 (Martain) – Dude, you’re a dumbass… that site is excellent.



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