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Jennifer Aniston Nude Picture Leaked

Jennifer fans who were disappointed with Jen’s naked sequence in The Break Up for not showing ‘enough’ will be delighted with news that stills from unreleased footage of the movie ’showing all’ will soon be up on the internet. 

Apparently Lavely & Singer, the Los Angeles power law firm, is already getting in touch with ‘interested’ publications to prevent them from publishing any “nude or partially nude” photos of Jennifer Aniston.

A powerful law firm versus the internet. Everyone knows who’ll win this one.

It’s out quicker than we thought… and then pulled off too! And Jen’s lawyers seem to be winning. They wrote in asking us to take off the picture. So that one’s gone. But then there are others…

Jennifer Aniston topless paparazzi picture
Jen In Break Up
Jennifer Aniston Has Breasts

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