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Shilpa Shetty Racism Controversy Gets Messier

  The Governments of Great Britain and India made official comments about the apparent racism incident in UK’s Celebrity Big Brother. And then protestors in India burnt effigies. 

Bollywood actress Shilpa has increasingly faced bullying from some of the other occupants of the house, including some from former Miss Great Britain Danielle Lloyd.

The producers have also received a record number of complaints regarding the show from viewers some of whom have also lodged police complaints.

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  • thats not really racism.. its just bullying. it happens all the time in bb. indians are taking it to far. crazy



  • you shouda seen the stuff they were sayin it was just out right bitchy. these women should br hrown out of the hose.



  • The participants couldnt really take the fact that shilpa was the best looking female out there. that’s all!



  • this happens all the time in big brother. now just because the one at the receiving end is indian its all become a racism controversy! and who’s effigies are the indians burning anyway!????



  • you indians are too sensitive



  • If they were really racist they would be doing similar stuff to jermaine jackson. Noone seems to be bothering him.



  • I am a UK practicing psychologist and I am truly disgusted that channel 4 has allowed such footage to be viewed. I specialise in violence and abuse and cultural issues and have first hand experience of working with those that have been bullied and those that have been the victims of racial abuse. This is not just an issue for the Asian community but everyone. Do people think it is really ok to watch potential role models (such as Jo from S Club- a band and programme that was targeted at a CHILD audience) to be allowed to continue this way?

    In their statement today Channel 4 says that there has been a ‘culture and class clash’ in the big brother house. In my opinion (and that of my Asian and non Asian friends) this is simply a way of dressing up ‘RACISM and BULLYING’. In their statement (as highlighted on the television) they haven’t acknowledged Shilpa’s distress or even ABUSE. I also couldn’t help but notice last night how Big brother were quick in comforting Jo after her panic attack, yet didn’t seem to show much of the same concern for Shilpa. What does this say about the programme makers / producers at channel 4?

    The Channel 4 statement goes on to say that there has been no ‘OVERT RACIAL ABUSE directed towards Shilpa in the house. This is also clearly untrue. Throughout the episodes Shilpa has been referred to as the ‘Indian’ and various other names. OVERT derogatory references have been made on the basis of her ETHNIC BACKGROUND and her culture (e.g. ‘do Indians eat with their hands?’). This has frankly offended a whole community and also many from outside that community.

    The ignorance that has been described in the house is also hard to believe. London is a cosmopolitan city and Jo, Jade and Danielle have all had contact with the place. I find it hard to believe that they ask such spiteful and malicious questions about the Indian community.. a) truly wanting to seek the answers or b) really being so clueless to not know…. Is channel 4 honestly going to try and interpret these comments as IGNORANCE? It’s not ignorant it’s RACIST.

    Channel 4’s attitude is shocking and sick, in that they have demonstrated that they think it is ok to show such footage commenting that it has increased the numbers of viewers. Big brother has increased viewers as people from all communities are tuning in to see just how far they will allow this to go. I am an example of this. I don’t normally watch the programme, but as a British Citizen and in the name of humanity I have felt a sense of responsibility to watch the programme to monitor it and speak out as have many others. This has now become an international issue, but that does not seem enough to stop Channel 4. At what cost have they increased their viewers? Is it really OK to cash in as a result of a persons sheer distress?

    Shilpa has not overtly reported that she is the victim of abuse or racism, but this doesn’t mean that the producers don’t have a duty of responsibility to her. I can tell you as a psychologist that abuse is seductive and self esteem destroying to the point where victims are often even unable to recognise and label it while it is happening. This is even more confusing for Shilpa being thrown into totally different context. Struggling with such a context should NOT be explained away as a ‘CULTURAL / CLASS CLASH’.

    This simply takes responsibility away from the actions of individuals and places it with an imaginary Euro centric term. Also victims of bullying are unlikely to walk up to someone and simply spell out what is happening to them. Shilpa is simply trying to cope with the hostile situation that she has been placed in. In my opinion, Channel 4 is simply sending out a message that says it is ok to be a bully and ok to be a racist and that such behaviour bring rewards (when actually we need to be focusing on accountability). Is that what this country really wants?

    Channel 4 describe big brother as a ‘Social Experiment’. I can tell you that as a psychologist, such an experiment that places people under such high levels of stress and inflicts psychological harm would not be permitted under ethics. How a group of people parading as social scientists are allowed to proceed with such behaviour is seriously worrying.

    Shilpa signed up for big brother (and is being paid) just like everyone else did. She didn’t sign up to be racially abused, bullied or harassed. There is a big difference between ‘CONTROVERSY’ that entertain the public and that programme makers want to generate, and ABUSE. What we are witnessing is abuse, and this is completely unacceptable.



  • R these people off their heads! It’s totally racist, making fun of the way she eats, the way she talks, showing no respect to her background in conversation and comments from Danielle today 17/1/07

    ” She can’t speak proper English anyway!”

    “She should fuck off home”

    Deny that this is racist and you are all living on cloud 9!!!!!



  • bullying happens all the time in BB!!!!!!!! whats wrong with you folks?? Just because she’s brown?


  • Channel 4 should not be held responsible for this at all. It is a reality show to begin with and racism is part of reality. Point your fingers at the house guest who are racists but please freakin leave Channel 4 alone. There is way to much censorship on TV already.


  • typical british ppl saying that “we” indians are taking this too far. Maybe if they’re on the opposite side of the fence they would feel differently. Or maybe if they were little kids at school and were singled handly bullied by a group of white kids maybe then they would understand. I doubt it. I think that white ppl justify this racism by saying “oh its ok its just bullying” fucking white ppl!



  • youre a fag



  • its so clear, its RACISM !!!..BULLYING will be a reason if these girls were to make fun of her infront of everyone but in a joking way..RACISM is seen because of the way they treat shilpa compared to the others.. Jo, Jade and Danielle boycotted shilpa by fighting with her, criticizing her, making fun of the way she eats, the way she talks, showing no respect to her background in conversation ..the best part is ,i dont see the other girls stepping into the kitchen at all! and they have the guts to comment about her n ect? this is BS!!!!



  • how would the other girls like it if Shilpa referred to them as “the WHITE SUPREMACISTS”?? All you retards saying “this is BB and she should realize what she signed up for”, need to know the difference between non-racist and racist comments. Stupid people get your head out the fucking cloud and realize what should not be broadcast on national fucking television.



  • this is totally racism. calling her ‘the indian’ can’t be “just bullying”. the problem is..whites r defending themselves. as indians we are not saying all whites r the same. but the ones who were caught on the camera should be penalised by channel 4. its totally unfair to say that we are being sensitive.



  • i think its discusting that Shilpa has been singled out like this, surely that jermaine jackson desrvers some of the abuse.



  • Its hard to say what channel 4’s intentions were- whether it was a deliberately formented antagonism to augment the TRPs or genuine intentions to bring into the limelight a very serious issue of racism that was hidden beneath the surface faced by hundreds of British Indians.
    Whatever be the case, the huge response that this issue has generated only goes to show that all of us as a part of a multi-ethnic and multi- cultured society are highly awakened and absolutely unoblivious to any form of discrimination and will together stand against it!!!!!!!!
    The concern here is not ’shilpa shetty’ being a popular indian celebrity facing racial abuse, but a much wider one- racism still innate and existent at the grassroot level of every society.
    If it took such a low brow show like BB to make us realize this, and not the innumerable incidents of racial abuse that were much more sensitive and intense, then the problem is with us!!!!!
    Perhaps a bit of soul searching might help- where are we actually heading………..
    Nonetheless, more important is the fact that we all have been once again reminded of the harsh reality that RACISM is still there, be it in any form and there is a dire need to work in unison in order to eradicate such a form human depravity!!!!!!



  • I whole heartedly agree with the above comment!!!

    What Shilpa has experienced is like what I and all my British Asian friends (& ethnic minority friends in general) have experienced at some time or another!!!



  • love to see her upskirt pictures somewhere heard she was clicked liek that


  • yeas and topless!


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