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Hef Going To Be Dad Again?

  Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner is ready to be a father again. The 80-year old says he’s considering giving one of his three live-in girlfriends, 26-year-old Holly Madison, the baby she desperately wants.

Hef is still able to convince many 20-year olds to regularly have sex with him. A $2000 a week paycheck for the girls along with a chance to be in the magazine help.

‘Mom’ Holly Madison’s Playboy Photo Gallery.

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  • First question is, are there any fish left in his juice?


  • I think the “girls” are no more than well paid hookers.


  • I don’t think it’s any of peoples bussiness! He has other children to inherit his fortune, so maybe she really loves him. And $2000.00 a week is really not that glamerous. So I say leave them alone and let them have a baby. It a free country, or maybe we should let people start voting on the only couples who can concieve. What do you say now?



  • You know, people can be so cruel when something is different from what they believe. Holly & Hef are in love so let them be. Kendra, Bridget, Holly and Hef are a ‘family’ they all get along and are happy with one another being part of the relationship. Holly loves Hef and she wants to have a baby with him, they are in love so who are you to judge anything about the situation? I say let them have a family and have a wonderful happy life together and leave them alone.



  • I am happy for HOLLY. I am happy for Hef. Why not have a new baby around???

    I think they are old enough to make great choices. Bridget and Kendra are a kick. I enjoy watching them. They crack me up. Yeah Baby!



  • love,health,happiness to hef, holly and all their extended family



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