Toxic Magazine

Air Force Sergeant Michelle Manhart Does Playboy

And is therefore relieved of her duties.

The good looking Sergeant appears nude in the latest issue of the magazine in a six-page spread with pictures in and out of uniform titled ‘Tough Love’.

The California native said she hopes that the photo shoot will pave a way into an acting or modeling career.

See Michelle Manhart Playboy Pictures.

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  • Michelle Manhart is a lovely lady. She reminds me of a young Lindsey Wagner. If she wants to change her career I’m all for it. We are better off as well. Beautiful women like this should not be killing people in Iraq. Those who complain about seeing such a lovely lady naked are nuts. Good Luck Michelle!!!



  • she looks so different in the pictorial!! its amazing what photoshop can do these days!



  • despite the freedom that everyone has in this country I think this is taking it a bit too far. these people are supposed to focus on fighting to protect our nation and not model and take off their clothes



  • wang you suck. what a pussy!



  • Another black mark against women in the military! Is this more proof of “Don’t Ask” – Don’t Tell” Policy?

    Most shapley women of any occupation look great to men, when shown in the nude!

    Is this the image America wants of a female in its military? I think Not!

    John in CA


  • come on you guys its not like every woman in the army is getting naked! let her do what she wants!!!



  • Wow, she looks great and obviously has attributes other than killing people. I wish she had resigned from the military before she chose to pose for Playboy, but that would have made less $$ for her and for Playboy. She violated her oath as a military person. I would not hire her.



  • Is’nt this a perfect example of the freedom that were sopposed to be fighting for to begin with?Anyone who dosent care to see it is perfectly free NOT to look.Nude is not ‘unbecoming’,it is merely undressed.Unless you’re in the Taliban or something.



  • You are a total moron. You sound like a whining little baby. This woman is beautiful. The military has too much control over someones body. As for the military image, this I think helps. And if you can’t say anything nice about this girl, then SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to john in CA


  • as the late steve irwin would say “GORGEOUS”



  • I am absolutely shocked by this news. I actually know this person and can’t believe that she would degrade herself in this way. She might have a “pretty” body but she needs to keep it sacred for her husband; not for every other perv in the world. What happened to morals and values??? And to bring our military in on it is a disgrace! As a military wife I say…. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED!!!



  • Well did the Army not bring in go go dancers in nam? ok they wern’t nude but that seemed fine to the “boys”
    I think it’s a double standard, how about tail hook? I think that shows far worse then a beautiful woman poseing nude, you take art lessons, fine arts photography you use nude forms, male & female. I bet all those above trashing her have taken a peak at a playbiy or a hooters girl, point being there looking at skin! if they were in sheep skin coats and pants think you would be looking else where.
    And about freedom, how much has the American gov’t taken since 9-11? soon you will all be wareing bar codes.
    You fighting for freedom, you despise how Muslim woman a forced to dress, yet the very reason and freedom you fight for you take away from her! it’s not porno guys get real.
    GOOD luck Michelle, you ever want to come where beautiful woman are not trashed go north.
    P.S. to all you guys wear blinders when you go to the beach, a thong might upset you.



  • Nice job, so now everyone including myself who works 16+ hours everyday to train for the future now has the honor of being sterotyped for Michelle’s screw up. Nice body, agreed, congratulations. However, the choice to open her mouth has now tarnished everyone especially the female TIs. Next time Michelle just “shut up and color” genius.



  • My buddy was in one of her flights in basic, she was an awsome TI.



  • She should have been dismissed for a lousy boob job. They look like Mr. Garrisson’s from South Park.



  • The biggest joke here is that the American Military is worried about image when they kill innocent women and children while they shrug off the fact that killing them is morally wrong. Take it off Sweetheart. You look real good. Girls you might just give a good image to those babykillers. Free Iraq of Americans.



  • She was an Airman not a Soilder….



  • The United States is one SERIOUSLY fucked up country!!!!!!!!!!Violence is tollerated and encouraged and exported yet nude photos of a nude WOMAN bring damnation and loss of a job. Tell me ONE illigale thing she has done in this magazine.
    The US espouses to be ‘the land of the free’. Yea right. The land of the idiot prestdent and the home of the illegal immigrant…..Oh yes, one more thing, the place where Pat Robinson is taken seriously.



  • She should serve time in military prison for dishonoring her rank, her outfit, and her country. To many that may seem harsh, but to us in the military who take our oath seriously, do not believe that you can go off and do anything you like that is against your oath. To just launch out like this means she would probably do the same in action also… just quit and whine. I am glad that she is gone, but punishment in jail for a while will teach her to not lie and keep the truth. Only horny men and women that are sexually perverted think that she should be able to do what she wants, just for their bathroom pleasure.



  • you know these pics arent all that bad! she’s looking pretty cool in them. let her be folks



  • I’m saluting her as we speak



  • She looks so hot!! I thought you all knew that Air Force has the best looking women out of all the services. Guys, can I get a hell yea?!

    True Blue


  • Hey folks, as a military veteran, I think we are all missing the ball here. Agreed she has the right to do what she wants (we in the military earn that right for you every day), but she also signed a CONTRACT. Yes, that’s right, military service is under a contract, not a “we would like to offer you this position” corporate policy letter. Furthermore, she took an oath, not to a person, but to her (and my) country. (Yes, I will certainly call it MY country, I have paid in blood, sweat, tears, and the life of my comrades for it.) The oath includes not bringing shame upon her country, her service, or her uniform. I feel confident in saying that any service member who has ever taken the oath would probably agree with me that posing nude is not in accordance with our oath. (Oh, and as a side note, if you want to spot the veterans around you, next time you are at a public event and they are playing the national anthem, look around and see who has a tear in their eye, they’re probably a veteran. Take a moment, shake their hand and thank them)
    As if that wasn’t enough, she is in charge of training (and therefore shaping the mental attitudes) of new airmen just coming into the military. Being a Drill Instructor (DI) requires a high level of respect from your charges. Don’t you agree that would be somewhat difficult if the recruits have seen you naked? I’m by no means a chauvinist, but I am a man, and I can tell you that it would weigh on my mind the images of her naked while she was yelling at me to do push-ups.
    Posing nude in Playboy while in the service, and the certain media attention it is sure to receive, guarantees SSgt Manhart at the very least a book deal after the dust settles.
    It is my understanding that SSgt Manhart has served time in Iraq, and between that and her position as a DI (a position that is hard to obtain and requires a high level of commitment and loss of personal time with family) deserves our thanks. Considering the meager pay given to our military members (thanks senators, you overpaid, pampered asses), I am sure some of her motivation was financial, partly brought on by the low pay. However, I don’t feel her behavior warrants the support many are offering. Her contract should be terminated and she should pursue her modeling/acting career outside of her military commitment. Want to bet that is what ends up happening?



  • Having spent most of my adult life in the service, I can say that discharging her for the pictorial is stupid! Fire her as a DI, and change her AFSC, fine, but not a discharge. To all you female service members, and miltary wives, just because you are too ugly to get naked for a camera, don’t hate!!! To you other morons with a comment about the military, if you don’t serve, don’t comment!



  • Um, there has been some serious airbrushing done on these pictures.



  • This is nothing compared to what many of the USAF chicks (military wives included) were doing when I served (77-81) in northern California.

    Post birth control pill – pre aids window
    was a wild time to be in the Air Force

    They should use her photos as a recruting poster

    Travis AFB Vet


  • Hey srgt. Manhart yelled at me while i was sleeping in class during basic training. I would love to have her yell at me now and maybe slap me around!!!!!

    anthony bonitatibus


  • She is a beauty, one of God’s great being’s & if this is what make’s her happy, then i right there with her.


  • You can forget the modeling career, that’s for sure…

    Bobo The Clown


  • Well, look here I really don’t see a problem with it. for one she is not wearing the uniform and two who really cares. When you have generals in the military (air force) doing whatever they want, from having sex with lesser rank people,drinking and driving to just about anything you can think of and not get into trouble. Then let her do it, and to the women the was gripping about her not being faithful, i bet her husband was ok with it. Bragging rights, so lay-off.



  • First off, she is not being disciplined for posing in the magazine. She’s being disciplined for toting her affiliation with the Air Force and for allowing pictures of herself in uniform (despite staying fully clothed) to be published next to nude pictures of herself.

    As for the mention of Tailhook, Go-Go dancers in ‘Nam, or higher ranking officers conducting themselves inappropriately, they things either happened between 10 and 30 years ago, or the perpetrator was SEVERELY disciplined.

    If you don’t wear the uniform, your opinion on this matter means absolutely nothing. It’s not your image and reputation she so selfishly tarnished for a quick buck.

    Least importantly, I’ve seen her in person several times and she looks NOTHING like her photographs. I don’t know about her body, but they certainly airbrushed the hell out of her face. This is just a publicity stunt for Playboy to sell more magazines. They NEVER would have done a photo shoot of her if she wasn’t in the military and willing to turn a blind eye to all she knew would be wrong and get her in trouble.



  • well i think it is great that woman in our military are seen as beautiful and tough. if it were my wife i would be proud for her to be given the opportunity to pose for such a great magazine. and if she is in the military so be it . maybe other beautiful and tough woman might do the same. it goes to show that you dont have to be a model to make a a spot in a magazine. just be very beautiful regardless of what you do for an occupation. and for those woman who complain lay-off dont hate because you dont have a body as good as hers because if given the opportunity…you’d do the same thing…..keep up the good work on what ever come of this SRGT. MANHART…



  • Wake up goo, the USAF isn’t saying she can’t do what she wants, they’re just saying she can’t do certain things and remain a part of the Air Force.



  • I think the USA has nudity all wrong … if this happened in Europe I don’t think there would be a problem … I think she is a woman ahead of her time. More power to her …



  • Well, that is discrimination, if anything. I would bet you someone got told they could not work at McDonals because they posed nude in Playboy that would be discrimination right? So whats good for every other company in the USA should be good for the Air Force.


  • That is a perfect eating pie!…My sargent never looked like that!



  • I love to look at beautiful women! However, there is a time and a place for everything. This type of behavior distracts from her job(the military), especially in a training environment. In the military we freely give up some individual choices. She should have checked with her commander and legal office before proceding with this or requested a discharge. I have a feeling that she will not get the respect from thoses that she supervise nor her peers. Her integrity took a nose dive!

    H.B. Miller


  • For all you civilian and idiot ”so called” military and ex-military (you know who you are), here are the articles from the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ Military Law) banning this type of behavior. Article 134 General Article para. 73 Disorderly Conduct (c2)(c3), and para. 88 Indecent Exposure (2000 edition). READ THEM IF YOU ARE MILITARY! ALL MILITARY fall under the UCMJ, active, guard, reserve, retired receiving gov. monies and/or benefits. FACT: When one signs on they become PROPERTY of the U.S. government and can even be prosecuted for Damage to Government Property if they have a sunburn bad enough to inhibit work. I have been/was a Law Enforcement troop in the Air Force for 14 years (now in the Air National Guard) and a non-commissioned officer. Even I know as the male thought process is mostly animalistic, it’s ”fun” to see the pictures. BUT, as a sworn protector of these United States and the Constitution of the United States, this act SSgt Manhart has done is undeniably despicable! She WAS NOT ”well within her existing rights” nor, “I didn’t know it was wrong”. B.S.! While in MTI School one learns the UCMJ and prosecutes to the fullest when their troops misbehave. And know what they (both MTI and troop) can get away with. I’m not even going to get into the ”wearing of the uniform” thing. We uphold a standard higher than the average civilian, do to war time preparations. Hmm. Maybe she has a thing here, let her find Osama bin Laden, strip down in front of him, then let him die of a coronary! WHAT A CONCEPT!! She has only been on one deployment? She must have been ”given” her assignments. Living the gifted HIGH LIFE so many of us wished for! Those of you who don’t think the A.F. does any war fighting are wrong. I personally have been on front lines in Bosnia, Croatia, and Iraq. My ex-squadron has taken charge over the Abu-Dhabi prison from the army. Yes, we work (most of us at least.) Civilians: Yes, we ALL work for you. Don’t forget that! BUT, stay out of our (certain) missions and proceedings! You don’t know what you are saying. We work for your freedoms but voluntarily loose some of ours. Keep your freedoms civil to you (illegal aliens need not read)! It is a different world. Respect is earned. She has lost hers. End of story!



  • Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! She is very HOT.

    I’ve always had a problem with the USA and how they perceive nudity. We are one of the most backward societies when it comes to nudity and displaying or showing anything sexual in nature. I thought it was great Janet Jackson baring a boob during the Superbowl, too many folks thru a hissy fit and blew it all out of proportion. We (the USA) gets a little too uptight with anything sexual in nature and the Europeans laugh at how ridiculas it all is.

    I’m so glad she posed in Playboy, she is one gorgeous woman and with a body like that, u deserve to display it, exploit it and make money off it. The pay will be better than the military that’s for damned sure! I have the issue, enjoy the issue and really enjoy the pics.

    That being said, what she is guilty of (and it’s a catch all) is “conduct unbecoming an officer/non-commissioned officer”, and that is what the USAF is gonna hit her with.

    I’m glad she did it (love the pics) but her ability to command troops, gain respect and function in a military organization are pretty much gone now. I don’t have a problem with it, and if she was my Sgt, I’d prob rush twice as fast to follow her orders, and so would most airmen, but she is still subject to the catch-all mentioned above. In prior incidents of this nature the military person was honorably discharged and did not continue their military careers. I expect her to do the same and continue with what appears to be an excellent modelling career.

    I’ll buy her pics. :)



  • Ridiculous how they kick her out because of photos, she just wanted to show her beautiful sexy ass body!



  • Holy cow, it’s hard to believe how many of you civilians JUST AREN’T GETTING IT!
    You compare her behavior with a McDonalds employee…geez, what a moron. A McDonalds employee DOESN’T SIGN A CONTRACT AND TAKE AN OATH. Besides, the USAF isn’t a business! Ok, that’s one argument shot down. (Anony, are you reading this?)
    For those of you who are commenting on how pretty she is or is not in person, you’re missing the point as well. The point is her affiliation with the US Air Force. (Thanks Lonnie, SSGT, and H.B. Miller you are right on!) Playboy (along with SSgt Manhart) are simply stirring the pot of controversy to increase sales and the depths of their own pockets, pure and simple (sounds a lot like our politicians, SSgt Mahart, interested in a career in politics?). In fact, I feel the DOD (Department of Defence for you civilian weenies) should hold her to her contract and not allow her to write a book once she is (and should be) dismissed from service.
    To SSgt Manhart, I sincerely appreciate your service to our country, but please bow out of this one gracefully. Exit the military and I wish you luck in your acting/modeling career. Maybe R. Lee Ermey needs a sidekick?



  • Oh, and to Spider991, I’m glad (or at least hope) you are out of my military. Can’t even spell sergeant correctly.



  • She is beautiful as are all women! I just wish I was waking up with her next to me every morning as I know it would mean I’d be developing one heck of a six pack! ( ;



  • Soooooo awesome!! God I’m going to jerk off GOOD on this!!!!!

    Henry McNeil


  • Hey how many people can actually say that this was thier TI. I spent 7 LONG weeks with this woman thinking the same thing as the rest of our flight…..I wish i could well you guessed it…..Well me and my buddies dream came close to true!



  • This was my TI that i spent about 7 weeks with….Only if i knew then what i know now….She could be my TI again anyday!


  • You go lady, My T I didnt look that good, Im pretty sure.

    General J Joe Crawford


  • is there something on your enlistment papers that says you cant be in playboy?
    let the girl do what she wants. more power to her.



  • shit if anything it makes me wanna join the air force to beat that



  • Awesome Body! She looks great. I’m sure she had done a great job for her country. However, time for her to go – she put her own needs ahead of the standards of the Air Force. How can she lead anyone when all they want to do is sleep with her? (Me included!). She is setting back the strides women have made for equality in the Air Force and the military. Not the first time female Airman has posed for plaboy – had an Airman Lutz (I think that was the name) that posed in playboy in the late 70’s/early 80’s…… why didn’t her chain of command know what was going on think she made a huge mistake, but hope she makes out alright on the outside.


  • From begining of time, women love to be watched and admired. No army rule can change that. Michelle is a beautiful woman so she deserve to be watched and admired. U.S.Army should investigate their problems in Iraq instead of this. Good Luck Michelle!!! John from Romania.



  • This may be the post at the bottom of the page, but I have only one thing to say. That is, “are we all NOT looking”. you are all giving them what they want!!! You can talk all you want about how its bad for the country and the “home of the free” and all that garbage about how its breech of contract or degrade to the uniform. But when it comes down to it. You are on a website that post naked women and a magazine that publishes pictures of naked people and talks dirty. We should all practice what we preach. If what she did is so wrong, why are YOU here? Myself included, but I don’t disagree with what she did.

    Thank you goodnight we love you all!!



  • Did someone really compare the United States Military working for McDonalds? Not even close to being in the same ballpark, idiot. Ms. Manhart disrespected the USAF and for that should be punished. The military isn’t just a job, its a lifestyle. She should have known better. Furthermore, she’s using the military to further her career. She wouldn’t have gotten the spread had she not been in the military. FYI, nowhere does it say she went to Iraq. She went to Kuwait. And screw you all with the “babykiller” comments.



  • yea working for McDonalds is better:

    Better pay.
    The ability to call in sick.
    The ability to quit.
    You get to leave work EVERY day
    If McDonald’s catches fire, you LEAVE.
    You can choose which McDonald’s you want to work at.
    ALL of the articles of the Constitution apply to you at McDonald’s.



  • where the fuck are the pictures?



  • Hey Masked_superstar, kiss my ass. I GAVE you those rights to work at McDonalds and I will continue to ensure you have those rights. Probably the only job you can get anyway. Loser



  • Hey pissed, you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for standing up for what is right!



  • She used her uniform, that is what makes it a problem. She can do whatever she wants with her body, but by doing so, she tied her military status into whatever she was doing.
    You might as well say that the military shouldn’t have a problem if I wore my uniform to a KKK meeting or I was raising money for a local gang and wore my uniform.

    Most of you are idiots.


  • for those who have never been in the military, what she did is punishable under the ucmj (if you don’t have a clue what that is, google it).
    for those who think she has the right to do this and not be punished in any way for bringing discredit upon herself, the military, and the united states – the military is there to defend democracy, not to practice it…….

    been there done that


  • Also, it should be noted that she is/was an E-5 after 12 years.
    She isn’t exactly sharp.
    Dumb people make dumb decisions.

    Most of you are idiots.


  • You stupid, sorry, grabastic sacks of shit. Those of you that public advise you’re a member of the UASF and commend her actions have forgot what the Core Values of the USAF are. It is obvious that you never learned them, there fore you do not exhibit the Core Values yourself and you to also need to go.

    Gurley MTI/331 TRS.


  • Yet another reason why women in the military are not taken seriously.

    She is an embarrassment to women and the military, and all the airbrushing and photoshop could not make her look good.

    Her look is dated back to the 1980’s. She looks horrible.

    Good luck getting a job with that discharge following you around for the rest of your life. Clearly, no one would choose her for a model.



  • I know this girl from work. There is alot of serious airbrushing because in real life – she is ugly. As far as personality goes, she is unprofessional, and acts skanky. She reminds me of a true blue redneck from the backwoods of Tennessee. I know her from work. She is not the only good looking female ti either. She is the dumbest, though.



  • I know this person through her husband although not well. Personally, she is dynamite to look at no matter what angle you are viewing her. Professionally, she has violated many regulations put into play years ago by DoD Regulations. One regards the status of her security clearance. Her actions put her in violation of Department of Defense Regulation 5200.2R under security clearance adjudication guidelines. The violation you ask? Sexual Misconduct. It also violates Air Force Instruction 31-501 for the same reason. It is called exhibitionism and frowned upon due to many issues. One of which is possible subversion. Granted, she did this in the open and with the intent of having her body displayed for millions to see but as ANY Training Instructor knows, violation of DoD and AFI regulations is a UCMJ punishable offense. She knew better and I feel she is just looking for the exposure. Guess what Michelle, you got it. Take what is coming to you. You are actually better by photo than you are in person. In photo, you are nude and no one has to listen to your stupid comments.

    Pissed Off Air Force Member


  • To everyone who thinks this is degrading-Eat another twinkie fatty- Drink another beer drunkie- This girl is smarter and hotter than hell, and your just jealous your broke and fat-


  • anyone who has been in the military knows that girls get around in the military more then anything. Barracks parties oversea’s. The number of times naked girls were running down the halls, streaking across post, orgies in the barracks. The number of pictures and videos people have of these things going on. Not to mention the number of spouses cheating on eachother while over seas. Posing for playboy is the least of these things.



  • She had the right to what she did. However, at the same time the military had the exact same right to kick her out. It is as simple as that. She is not going to jail. She knew exactly what she was doing and what was going to happen to her if she did. She is no victim here. Her career will probably be enhanced by all of this exposure anyway. Bottom line: she deserved to be kicked out of the military.

    Keeping it real


  • I can point to numerous active duty members who do not live by the ‘code’ of Service before Self, Integrity and Excellance in all ‘we’ do. I think I would rather work with an individual of this woman’s perported caliber, and yes, I am a woman!



  • If everyone one of you army guys is so upset about this.. why were you looking out and searching the web for naked pictures of hers?


  • She’s a skank. I know her. Not know OF her, but I know the girl. She’s manipulative and has zero class. Only an opportunist like Michelle would do something just for the publicity. And no, I’m not jealous. I have no reason to be. I don’t have a problem with the magazine, or even that she posed for it (although trust me on this one, she’s NOT that hot in person- I’ve seen her naked) but I have a problem with the way she used her military training instructor status (which is an extremely noble job) to weasle her way into her “dream.” What kind of girl dreams of being in Playboy at age 12? The fact remains that while she’s in the Air Force, what she did was wrong. And the fact also remains that she’s a disgusting slut.
    And a note to all you dumbasses out there- stop talking about the ARMY!!! Two different services. And like somebody else said, unless you’ve served in the military, or even as a MTI (yes, I have) you should shut the hell up.



  • I have be in the military for 16 years and must say I dont think there was anything wrong with her posing in Playboy as an individual, but she seemed to be posing as an Air Force SSgt, If they would have left the uniform and work pictures out it would have been ok. I cant understand how she would not have known she would get in trouble for this, it is like trying to say the Air Force was advertising in Playboy, it would have been the same if a soldier posed in uniform in a McDonalds ad, you just cant do that. She should have also known those trainees would see those pictures, I mean alot of young American men look at that magazine, but they may not have recognized her, looks to me like they used a lot of makeup and airbrushing. My overall opinon-enough already, give her a warning, make her go to a few classes on what soldiers can and cant do, and then move on. If she is willing to serve her country then leave her alone.



  • hey that was my T.I in basic training and i always new she was one hot women. and i wished i got to see her naked.. well good luck and the airforce is badass. too bad she left



  • I spent 20 years of dedicated service and retired with honors from the United States Air Force and feel that this whole issue is being blown out of proportion. Two things that could have been differently is that she should not have appeared in uniform and secondly she is obligated to inform and receive permission from her chain of command prior to posing. This all said and done, the air force is making a grave tactical error by not keeping this on the down and low. She made a mistake, still only a SSgt and over the hump towards her 20 year mark. This is a great opportunity for the Air Force to market itself and develop a recruitment pool. Oh well bad decisions and poor foresight.



  • First off, please read the article she is in the Air Force not the Army.
    I think there is nothing wrong with the career she wants to pursue thats her prerogative; however; she has a obligation just like anyone else to represent there employer in a “Positive” PROFESSIONAL way. It is her right to model…I agree, but when you sign on the dotted line and raise your hand to be in the military, some of the rights are waved. The military like any other business likes good representation or you get “Cut” Ex. Kobe & Sprite, Ludacris & Pepsi, Rush Limbaugh and ESPN. Although we have rights you also have to have the COMMON SENSE to know when to EFFECTLY use your rights.


  • If she’s blessed with good looks, and willing to share those good looks, God Bless Her!
    Maybe the Air Force has been taking lessons from the Taliban? Would you rather she be covered head to toe? Maybe they should have felt priviledged that such a beautiful person chose their branch of the servivice!


  • OK. Lets see. I just happened across these comments and most of you “In the military people” make me sick.

    Quotes from the UCMJ need to be researched and include fruits of the crime and Michelle meets none of the articles listed.

    She has broken NO codes from the UCMJ and if she has – please someone intelligent show them to the world. (By the way – none exist)

    And for all of the talk about Core Values. Which one did she violate – NONE
    Excellance in all We Do – She did that
    Integrity First – Nope no violation there
    Service before Self – I do not see her violating this

    WOW – she has not done anything illegal.
    I believe she was tastefull with the photos and this does not give all females in the military a bad image. Everyone creates there own self image and work ethic.

    You all who say “she signed a contract” – where has she violated this…nope not violated.

    As for what you all think of her as a person, you are probably one of those nice to your face and crap behind the back type people and do not have the guts to say anything to her face.

    I do know her also and she is a nice girl.

    I am a female in the military and am tired of all of these people being hipocrits. Between the infidelity, DUIs, drug use, and basically military members doing unspeakable things and then getting away with it. None of you have any right to pass judgement.

    I have fought for my country when military spokesman have said “there are no women in combat” and I have lost dear friends. If this is the most important issue you all can come up with then I guess our country is in more trouble than I thought.

    There is nothing wrong with what she did and I encourage more people in the military to stand up and utilize their american rights as michelle did.

    And for all of you women who think this casts ashadow on you…if you pulled your weight at work then this would not make a differance to you…grow UP.


  • You all need to grow up is just pissed off bc it’s her friend being attacked. If this was any other female she would be against it as well. If she backs her friend so much then why did she make up a screen name instead of atleast using her real first name.. she’s full of shit that’s why. It IS against the rules to act in an improper way in uniform. Besides, what she actually did is a violation of article 134-27 of the UCMJ:

    (1) That the accused exposed a certain part of the accused’s body to public view in an indecent manner;

    (2) That the exposure was willful and wrongful; and

    (3) That, under the circumstances, the accused’s conduct was to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.

    Posing in “Playboy” is definitely not conducive to good order and discipline, no matter what part of the military that you are in.



  • To Whatever, if you check the very next paragraph of Art. 134 (Indecent language) it says
    (1)That the accused orally or in writing communicated to another person certain language:
    (2)That such language was indecent: and
    (3) That, under the circumstances, the conduct of the accused was to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.

    These to offenses have the same maximum punishment except cursing can get you two years instead of 6 months with indecent exposure.

    Seems to me what she did was not as dishonorable as what 90% of all service members of do on a daily basis.
    Why should she have to pay the price for her actions when everyone else slides by.

    Also, being in a joint service environment, I have the chance to see all branches of the military. With that said, the airmen do alot more than pose for picture every weekend. And it is not just airmen, every branch is equally guilty, mine included. If this woman had been in maxim where she had an extra 2 inches of fabric covering her, you would never have heard about it. Give her break. Chill out. And think a little more seriously about if this REALLY is going to make any impact on the the public view of the military.

    Corporal of Marines


  • You’re all morons. It’s none of your business what she does. Like she gives a shit what you think. It’s hilarious watching all you asswads sit in judgement. The only way that it could be debtrimental to mission accomplishment is if she posed while on duty. All you guys have surely defiled yourselves while mucking up the latest issue with her as your target and you criticize her. She walks by you and says hello and you’ll shit yourself. except for 99.9% of you that are gay. Hate on, losers-she’s cashing a check from Playboy.

    Usuck Dabiggun


  • I disagree with ‘Whatever’. What she did does NOT (in my opinion) violate article 134-27 (if those are the stipulations of that article):

    1) Define “indecent”. I don’t consider the female body as indecent, do you? If so, then you need to advance to the 21st century, or at least stop hanging around the Quakers so much!

    2) The exposure was definitely willful, but not in any way wrongful. No laws were broken, and no harm was caused.

    3) Who’s discipline is being prejudiced? And, I’ve seen her body, and she sure as hell doesn’t “bring discredit upon the armed forces”!!

    That article is directed towards flashers and people who expose themselves to those who do not wish to see them. It doesn’t apply to those who expose themselves to consenting adults who buy a men’s magazine!

    You, and the military, need to advance out of whatever decade you’re stuck in and show a little tolerance!

    Retired AF member


  • woooooooowwwww



  • Breeches the standard conduct which is kept by the goose; it should also be kept by the gander. Brake the law and pay the consequences. Someone talk Sgt. Manhart into making a fool of herself. Playboy shame on you. Sgt. Manhart your body is cut. It must have been work to get it to that state. I don’t think Playboy offers retirement. Go for the gusto! You eye candy now; keep it looking good airman! Old Airman


  • Conduct unbecoming of an NCO. PERIOD!

    Thanks for your service, but get out and then do what you want. A training instructor on top of all this…please.

    I did my time, loved it, wanted more money and did not re-enlist after my second term.
    But while I was in I followed the rules that was instilled in me, starting with the ones from my TI in basic training.



  • I’ll bet Bill Clinton is wishing he were Commander in Chief again. She would certainly get a nice cushy little detail at the White House.



  • Hey “you all need to grow up”, you must be not have been in the military for very long otherwise you would have known about Article 134. It’s a catch-all for everything else they couldn’t think of to nail you for. If they can’t get you for that one then just remember Article 133: Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman (and now lady). If you read it you will see that it applies to NCO’s as well. Although it doesn’t specifically mention women you can bet that they will laugh in your face if you try to weasel out of it because of your gender.

    934. ART. 134. GENERAL ARTICLE

    Though not specifically mentioned in this chapter, all disorders and neglects to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces, ll conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces, and crimes and offenses not capital, of which persons subject to this chapter may be guilty, shall be taken cognizance of by a general, special or summary court-martial, according to the nature and degree of the offense, and shall be punished at the discretion of that court.



  • What someone does with there body is their choice. Military or not she should have the freedoms this country stands for. If the military says that you can’t express yourself and embrass what is being fought for. Then what right should others in this country have. I can see this having a negative effect on the airforce. Not from her posing nude in a magazine but because people will be afraid that freedom is something you give up just to join. What person would want to be stripped of their rights as a citizen of the USA.



  • That is all explained before you join. You do it for your fellow Americans, not for yourself.



  • I say HooAhhhh to this lovely Lady. Michelle, you go for it. It is the very frredom that you have sacrificed 12 years for. Keep your chin up Michell.

    Jim R


  • I’m in the Air Force and She knew that it was against regulations. Military are held to a higher standard that WE ALL KNOW when we sign on the dotted line. We agree to give up some of those rights to be in uniform. But as a guy….She has a kicking body!



  • If her selling point of any of these pictures utilizes her military service as a selling point then it is wrong, and against policy. This is another case of you can not do what you want as an individual when you are a part of a group, example riding a motor cycle in a state with no helmet without a helmet, you may be in your legal rights but in violation of the rules. Everyone jumps at the opportunity to say the military is jumping the gun but, where do you draw the line striping, porn, prostitution this is an everyday problem that is ongoing in the military all the time. Send ten over average looking female to a base populated with ten or twenty thousands male servicemen and it is a job to keep order. This is a addition to the problem of order.



  • Has anyone thought about how strange it is that AAFES -(the BX/PX, Army and Air Force Exchange Service; military reasale store) as well as NEX and MCCS (Navy and marine Corps resale stores) sell Playboy?



  • Ok well, Im in the Air Force 2. I think its bullshit that all these people on here are on their high horses, talking about how “O, u know that when u sign the dotted line.” Thats bullshit.. Anyone who has ever been in the military knows that the rules are broken all the time… MOST, if not all of you have done SOMETHING that isnt exactly right wether its under the UCMJ or under just general rules of your command. So by fellow service men/women acting like their better than her, GET OVER YOURSELVES! You’re all probably old ass men who cant get anyone who looks anything like her and your sad and depressed. She is a regular human bein just like everyone else. I know all that mumbo jumbo about the core values, I know them very well. But how many of you can HONESTLY say that EVERYTHING you do, wether on or off duty complies STRICLTLY and 100% with the core values no matter which branch you are in? I say “Go Girl!” She has balls.



  • That’s it that’s what everybody is whining about . Well it worked, thats her 10 min. o fame



  • Thought that was why we had women in the military- MORALE…



  • E sounds like the type of person that has an Article 15 under his or her belt and does a job with little or no responsibility. Most likely not an NCO. Either that or E is a cop.



  • I just retired after 26 years in the Air Force, spent the last 6 as a First Sergeant, for those of you in the military you know what a “Shirt” does, for the rest of you the Shirt maintains good order and discipline among the enlisted corps. And recommends disciplinary action to the unit commander.

    Based on the alleged charges, I would recommend a discharge in this case.
    Not because she posed for playboy (I subscribe to it), but because she used her rank and position as a member of the Armed Forces for personnel gain, that in its self is an ethics violation, and a breech of the “service before self” portion of the Air Force Core Values, this brings discredit to the service, and therefore is a violation of the UCMJ.

    I had several females and one male military member in my units over the last six years that pose nude on personnel web sites and some who worked part time in strip clubs (the pay is not great for the junior enlisted grades so many work part time). The difference is they did not involve the Air Force, in any way, on their web site or, wear the uniform as part of the strip act or let it be known to the public they were in the Air Force. Therefore bringing no discredit to the service.

    The JAG (legal office) even approved the part time employment application and recommended no actions on the web sites.

    As a First Sergeant I did council the members on our core values and they all voluntarily stopped.

    Bottom line is SSgt Manhart broke the rules she should be teaching as a MTI. And now must pay for her actions.

    As for those here bashing the military, I just consider the source and laugh.

    retire first sergeant


  • PS if she got paid and did not have the authorzation to work part time, she is also in violation of the UCMJ for that also.

    retired first sergeant


  • I just retired after 26 years in the Air Force, spent the last 6 as a First Sergeant, for those of you in the military you know what a “Shirt” does, for the rest of you the Shirt maintains good order and discipline among the enlisted corps. And recommends disciplinary action to the unit commander.

    Based on the alleged charges, I would recommend a discharge in this case.
    Not because she posed for playboy (I subscribe to it), but because she used her rank and position as a member of the Armed Forces for personnel gain, that in its self is an ethics violation, and a breech of the “service before self” portion of the Air Force Core Values, this brings discredit to the service, and therefore is a violation of the UCMJ.

    I had several females and one male military member in my units over the last six years that pose nude on personnel web sites and some who worked part time in strip clubs (the pay is not great for the junior enlisted grades so many work part time). The difference is they did not involve the Air Force, in any way, on their web site or, wear the uniform as part of the strip act or let it be known to the public they were in the Air Force. Therefore bringing no discredit to the service.

    The JAG (legal office) even approved the part time employment application and recommended no actions on the web sites.

    As a First Sergeant I did council the members on our core values and they all voluntarily stopped.

    Bottom line is SSgt Manhart broke the rules she should be teaching as a MTI. And now must pay for her actions.

    retired first sergeant


  • The Chair Force, way to train’em…..This attitude and lack of devotion to duty is learned from those who come before you. If your leadership accepts things outside of your core values the envolope will only get pushed. Ever heard the phrase give them an inch…..

    almost retired


  • Hi
    if you want to attack Iran, please bring as many of these soldiers as you can!
    an Iranian citizen



  • Ugly, ugly person.

    She has cankles, dated, horrible tattos and should have waxed her arms.

    One more thing, the 80’s called, they
    want their hair and clothing back.



  • I agree with the other postings about people taking this way over board, most of you must be either retired or old school military because things have changed for the worst. Have you looked around at the young soldiers lately (when I say soldiers I’m speaking of all branches-it’s just easier to write so I dont need 5 replys saying shes in the AF). The military will take almost anything nowadays, Drill Sgts cant yell at soldiers in basic training anymore, any fat body can join, there is no discipline or motivation. Leaders cant motivate them becasue they are the same way or it’s not worth the time because the soldier will go write to their congressman, CNN, or head straight to the IG. The fact that she did pose may be a poor choice, but give the girl a break-she is not out there killing, raping, going AWOL, or any of the other crazy stuff that our military is being acussed of nowaways. I agree with 95 that posing itself was not that bad it was the fact that she involved the AF that is wrong, but bottomline I dont think she should get kicked out, give her some training on ethics and military standards and leave her alone, she is American enough to serve her country in a time of war when most able bodied young Americans are to busy blogging, complaining, and talking down about us and our sacrafices.



  • Beautiful legs, ass and big tits. This woman makes me horny.

    She knew from the beginning the polemic that she was going to cause…. I believe that it is a good example to the world that the members of that imperialist force are human beings … even executing the orders of an arbitrary government, invader of countries and responsible of the death of thousands of innocent people.



  • you know the thing that pisses me off the most is hearing some ignorant ass person on here say baby killers, aside from that SSgt Manhart was a Military Training Instructor (MTI for the air force) what she did not only degrades other female airmen but also make Basic Military Training now some dumbass kids are thinking they are going to a fucking summer camp. theres alot of you who need to stop thinking innocent people and think about all the innocent people they killed over here on september 11th. bet u dont think about that much do you oh and the ones were killing arent innocent they are terrorists that want u and i dead they dont care military or not all they care is that were american, and if u disagree with our policy, your more than welcome to get the fuck out ive got brothers that lay their lives out for you motherfuckers who say the kill babies. newsflash were at war people die but for my family and friends and even you pieces of shit who degrade us for what we do i will die for this great country so stop and think one of in uniform one day because what we do keeps u alive and able to enjoy freedoms. you dont know half of what we do and the reasons we do it, hey heres an idea go to darfur and see what ive seen, then maybe ull thank us. fuck manhart she deserves what her nasty ass got oh and for those of u who think shes attractive, first hand experience total dog dont waste ur time

    Proud Airman


  • Two words… “Conduct unbecoming” Art 133 of the UCMJ for the 90% non-military in the USA. This is nothing more than an argument that women should not be in the military. It is obvious she lacks self-discipline and now those beneath her, the average 18-21 year-old testosterone pump male airmen, will have nothing but “SEX” on their minds when they see her, making them worthless in the workplace…

    i.e. “Wow insurgents are shooting at us… but SSgt Manhart sure does look good!” The military already has a problem with controlling the junior enlisted and officers, THIS DOES NOT HELP… AND YES I AM YELLING!!!

    And as far as some future… She’ll flame up & burn out as fast as Jessica Lynch… remember her?!?! No honor, no character, no respect, no future.

    Army Officer, 1LT, EN, RA
    Prior USAF NCO, 9YRS, TSGT, AD



  • This is for everyone out there that thinks this is wrong, she has the right to do anything she wants to, I am also in the military, and i dont think that we should be limited from what we do just because we are in the military. If you are not in the military and you are leaving negative comments, you do not have the right to because you dont know how its is or what we do, until you take the step to serve like we did you do not need to complain. People as in you guys who want to slander what this woman did should just get on with your lives, your opinion is not wanted nor needed!!!

    john doe


  • SHE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! Training Instructors have a major responsibility; one is simple, DO NOT abuse your authority with trainees within your command. This “NCO” took her trainees for personal gain & without authority. Sneaked them in a hidden corner of the Air Base, had them sign some release form they had NO idea what it meant. Trainees would not say “no” anyways, she was their Drill Sergeant. Then she spends the next two hours yelling at them and having them do push ups in front some photographer. All this for her own personal gain. If this was a male Instructor and did this to female trainees, we would be screaming for his head on a platter. Lets not forget, we have a married basic trainee with kids who has to know explain to his wife, kids, friends and family how he went to AF basic training and ended up in Playboy without any true approval. You can laugh, it’s still wrong. There is a reason for “Abuse of power” rules. Bottom line; she know better, abused her authority, and know playing dumb. She’s an Instructor who teaches Uniform policy (I did not even cover that issue) and NCO authority, Do Not let her full you, she knows better. You want to be in Playboy, the AF wont step in; unless you cross lines you know you crossed.

    Fellow Training Instructor


  • As a female in the military. Yes, it is her choice what she does with her body, but not when she is representing the military. We have a reputation to up hold as women. We have fought for our right to be thought of as equals, and to blend in as one and the same. Fighting and working side by side with the men. Men in the military are mostly dogs as it is without adding seeing you naked. I personally would not want my co workers to see me naked because then they would make even more lude comments then they already do with me fully clothed. It’s not the fact that she posed nude. Whoopdee Freakin Doo! It’s the fact that she did it when she was representing women in the military, especially by wearing her dog tags in some of the pictures. Heck the girl that was over in Iraq got reprimanded for mud wrestling and she wasn’t even naked! It’s the representation not the act that is shameful.



  • As a former MTI, I feel that Ms. Manhart’s conduct was certainly unbecoming of a member of the United States Air Force. Especially, a member who held such a distinguished position as a military training instructor. Though she feels that she benefited from this venture, it is apparent that she has greatly negatively affected her future. My wife and I proudly served and are disgraced by her actions. Women in the military have a hard enough time being treated as equals to begin with this only aggravates the situation. Becoming an MTI was the biggest challenge of my military career. I served in three separate AFSC’s and worked as all TI’s did long and crueling hours to train our future Air Force. She has devalued all that the blue line represents. She should not only been separated from the Air Force but court martialed and serve time in Leavenworth. If this blog is correct and she actually took these trainees aside to pose for playboy, she should pay restitution to them as well. Finally, all proceeds from Playboy should be paid back to the Air Force and put to good use. I am sure the money could be used at the Fisher House to help families of real American airman and soliders who have fought for our country. I hope it was worth it. One last thought for former SSgt Manhart . . . ten years from now when you look at your hat what will it mean to you? I have been out for six years and everyday I wish I was still at Lackland.

    former blue rope mti


  • First off, she is a beautiful woman. On the other hand, when someone swears an oath of enlistment, they bear the obligation to be a professional at all times. I agree with .08 alot. Except when she saids, most of the men are dogs, because i have seen so many air force girls as bad as the men. i say 80% of the women that get married in the military get divorced because they are not faithful, and same goes with the men. I dont have any problem with girls in playboy, and yes it is there choice. In the military, we lose certain rights, but we gain a status, an image most say. We are supposed to be well disiciplined, if more women did things like this in the military, there would be a lot of conflict. We gave up the right to do what we want, to serve our country. I believe that you should do whatever you want to do. Her doing that was her choice, but many of us in the military think it is the wrong image to represent, if you are in the military you can kind of understand what i mean, you dont have to agree, but i know you should understand

    air force member


  • I will say the following as a 27-year veteran of the US Army,
    Michelle Crossmanhart (yes, that is her full real name) did violate UCMJ with conduct unbecoming a member of the US Armed Forces by
    a) being photographed in uniform for profit without permission of her superiors or even notifying them until the day before the issue was released,
    b) not getting permission in the beginning,
    c) using trainees or allowing earlier pictures of her being used in PB,
    d) lying on the television and print interviews by claiming that she had not violated any sections of the UCMJ,
    e) making a video for PB without permission This was not released until 28 JAN 07 when it was placed on the internet.
    f) all armed services members are trained within the first two weeks usually of appearing on duty of the UCMJ and what would be considerated violations including off-duty employment and raunchy behaviour. The training is redone on a regular basis. Her being a MTI – military training instructor (Drill instructors to all non AF people), she would have been one of the people teaching the trainees this information.

    She thinks that she can have a new career in modeling or hollywood after she leaves the air force. Fat Chance girl. Almost all cases of where a service member involved in photo spread or video for any form of pornographic entertainment has resulted in dismissal from the military (I checked with DoD JAG friend of mine who confirmed it to be true. Anyone who had tried to go from porn to mainline acting or modeling usually do not go anywhere except for Slyvester Stallone (The Italian Stallion). Traci Lords’s career is still flat and stalled. If they do a few movies or tv shows, they usually have very minor roles.

    Modeling is not another option. When it comes down to it, she is not going to leave her kids for a career on the fashion runway if she could get it. She would then be a cold gutless ruthless bastard if she did. The only modeling she might get is probably private showings in a room by herself and some guy. I am being serious. No designer or fashion agency will risk her.

    Furthermore she cast a shadow upon her husband’s career who is also in the air force at a higher rank because if he had any sense he would stopped her or warned his superiors in time to stop her.

    She has thrown away 13 – 14 years toward her pension (retirement for those in Rio Linda); she only needed 6-7 years if she could stay in if this had not occurred anyway. From what I have heard was that she was not going to be allowed to re-enlist for the final years needed due to the fact that she was not making the grade for promotion next time. She is not competent at what she does militarily.

    BTW, the pictures in the mag and on the websites appear to have been taken over a extensive period of time and have been air-blown or photoshop heavily.

    She will get a discharge, financial fines, and possible jail time.

    She has hurt herself and her family. It will be difficult for her to get job on the outside.

    Army MSGT retired



  • Hey this crap about taking an oath is just rediculous. Everyone including veterans need to take it down and quit being so damn sensitive!!! This isn’t the 1920’s anymore and things have changed. If anyone expects there to be a voluntary military force for much longer than the military needs to get with the times. No one enters the military and fully agrees that it is ok to take away our rights as citizens. Just cuz you sign an oath doesn’t take away your rights no matter what the paper says. I am in the military myself and I didn’t sign the damn form with blood. I think I used ink? No military member enters into the service for patriotism alone. If that was the case they wouldn’t need a paycheck, a car, or a house for that matter. All they would need is a cot and 3 squares. Every last person has there own little sick and twisted quirks going in their lives and bedrooms most of which are illegal according to the old ass UCMJ. That thing needs to be rewritten anyway. You can’t even get fellatio (BJ) or do it doggystyle!!! Since when does protecting your country have anything to do with how you get off with your spouse or significant other. All I am saying is get with the times!!!



  • Yeah she violated the UCMJ. But the Air Force is getting rid of people anyways.



  • She put on a uniform that many men and women have given their lives while wearing. As a soldier, sailor, airmen, or marine you are always representing the profession that you chose to do as well as the soldier next to you. She made and easy choice to take of her clothes. The hard choice would have been to turn down the money keep the clothes on, finish out her contract, and then go does a Playboy spread. However, she decided to make the easy choice dishonor herself her branch of the military and every hardworking women in this country that has busted their butts to rid women of stereotype of just something nice to look at. She made a choice and now must be subjected to the harshest of consequences for that decision.



  • If you want to pose for Playboy, get out of the military. Does anyone honestly think that the military men & women serving beneath her will take her seriously after this? C’mon–that’s asking too much. This is a black eye for all the hard working women trying to make it in a very serious and macho profession. She needs to exit the Air Force and then she can get as naked as she wants.



  • Wow–just read Paul’s comments telling us all to “get with the times” evidently it’s not the 1920s anymore. Phew…what a piece of work. Yeah, I guess the military should just conform with anything and everything society does. Forget core values, forget standards, let’s just do what EVERYONE wants. Paul, you’re an idiot. It’s an all volunteer force because the people who join and STAY in the military, as opposed to doing a few yrs and moving on, like the high standards and uniformity. Unlike society, we set the standard, not change daily w/it. Get a clue–not everyone is meant for a career in the military–you may just be one of those.



  • Hey, Where the pictures ? Link is broken

    Forge Albert


  • The majority of you assholes are morons. Who cares about morals, right and wrong, her husband, and all the other bullshit you keep mentioning. The bottom line is PROFESSIONALISM!!!!! I give a shit who’s hot and who’s not, who they affiliate themselves with and all that b/s. She was 100% wrong for her actions based solely on her profession. The military is not a part-time job, it is in fact a career for many and a profession for all. If you want a minimal amount of guidelines to follow with no consequences there are plenty of fast food chains and grocers that need good employees. I just wonder what the arguments would be if we saw a true politica leader in Playboy. Hillary Clinton—-would posing for Playboy help her campaign?? Hell no, her popularity would rise tremendously, but would many still want to see her as President??? The bottom line is there are too many uneducated assholes who open their mouths before they think…does she loo nice in the pics–of course!! do I condemn her for this decision–NO!! But do I think her decision was one of a mature, responsible, rational, working PROFESSIONAL servicemember–NO!! Obviously the military is not a career she is cut out for, just leave the air force without making any other disturbances along the way.

    Matt B


  • forgot


    Sgt – USMC

    Matt B


  • she is a disgrace to her fellow airmen and her country.



  • If a Lt. can be Ms. Arkansas and not get harrassed for it then i believe that a SSgt. can pose for playboy and not get into trouble. Because even though the Lt. wasn’t nude, the pagent is still a sexual explotation of women and men look at them the same way. So I guess they take the whole rank has it’s privaleges thing a little bit too far in this situation.



  • y the fuck do the care about her?she did what she did and she’ll get what she gets.i’v seen the pics and it’s obvious that they’ve been airbrushed.there’s no fucking need for post your thoughts on the internet.keep it to yourself.



  • Honestly, I think the military screwed up when they discharged her. Keep in mind my husband is a soldier, and I don’t take what I’m about to say lightly…it’s ok for us and our men to go kill people in Iraq or anywhere for that matter to protect the 19yr old down the road who decides to do something further like an all out porno, but that same soldier can’t have their own freedom of just taking their damn clothes off for a well known magazine. I don’t understand our country. I’m proud to be married to an Army man, but I’m not proud of the hypocritical nature that can take place in it.



  • Haha, what a joke… she was definately unaware of the fact that we only FIGHT for freedom, we dont get to enjoy it. She thinks she has it bad, join the Marine Corps. and by the way, she doesnt fight or kill anything… if she thought posing for playboy was a good idea and totally reasonable to do in uniform, she obviously is very much like what the rest of the Air Force is turning into with of course few exceptions… civilians in uniform… if you joined for a paycheck/college, youre an idiot and I hope you spend your 4 years in Iraq, even though everyone but the Marine corps INFANTRY and a FEW Army Infantry units stay in plush living conditions over there anyways.

    Good ridance, she’s an embarassment.



  • Ummmm….I should’ve joined the Air Force. Maybe this will help their recruiting statistics as of late.



  • I have to respectfully respond to Kevin, the vet, who says:

    “The oath includes not bringing shame upon her country, her service, or her uniform. I feel confident in saying that any service member who has ever taken the oath would probably agree with me that posing nude is not in accordance with our oath.”

    Well, many of the posts in this thread alone disprove that theory. Many service members have stated that they disagree.

    Yes, she signed a contract, but one that does not prohibit posing for artful photos (I haven’t seen the pics, but Playboy has a fairly literate rep). It only talks about shame, which is a concept that evolves over time. In this day and age, most US citizens see no shame in posing for pretty pictures that show our bodies. Many of us are, in fact, offended by the idea that we should be ashamed of our bodies.

    Furthermore, the idea of the human body bringing shame is in fact a religious one shared by fundamentalist Christians and Muslims and almost nobody else. To impose this idea on government workers is therefore an act of imposing some peoples religious beliefs on others – a violation of the separation of church and state.

    Wearing a military uniform while posing for a magazine might well be specifically covered in a contract, I don’t know..

    Kevin also says:
    “Don’t you agree (following orders) would be somewhat difficult if the recruits have seen you naked?”

    To which say: I thought being in the service was about discipline? If a person’s commitment is so weak that a couple of photos can break it, how good of a soldier could that person be?

    Kevin (and others like you), I thank you for your service, and I also ask you to think over this issue again.



  • I spent 22 yrs in the USAF. I saw many things while I was active duty. In my opinion SSgt Manhart has done nothing indecent nor illegal nor immoral. She did not pose in a sex act. If posing nude in Playboy is enough for discharge, then what should high ranking officer’s get for shacking up and giving preferential treatment to lower ranking females? Believe me a lot worse things goes on that are immoral, indecent, and probably illegal than posing nude in Playboy. I believe we all need to get with the 21st Century and judge ourselves before we judge others.
    SSgt Manhart deserves our thanks and appreciation for sharing her lovely pictures with us all. THANK YOU SSGT MANHART. RIGHT ON!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
    You deserved a 9 on your last APR.

    Jack L. Buchanan


  • OK Guys and Gals I think we lost focus here. exactly the Airfoce Military Police said , we being in the service are held to a higher standard being a Naval Instrutor my stanards are held higher than others . But we have to lok at a bigger picture for all the vet in the military irst , if you on active duty now or retiring here soon you know the miltary has changed in all aspects we promote education and telling our forces and junior sailors to use the opportunity to better yourself weather it fighting in iraq or going to sea for 6 months or clerical duty we have have told these junior sailors this is right on deployment but once you do it it’s wrong. All of us vets know on deployment we eith have the uso bring over plyboy bunnies /hooter girls /or dallas cowboy cheeleaders and then when we are in port or sationed in isolated area with women what happens or the tell you keep the magazines away or they turn there head to otehr issues, nd this includes officer as well as enlisted. but once one of our own goes on ther eown with there own agenda we want to coutmartial them or blast them all over he news. We are trying to reinstill the main standard HONOR COURAGE AND COMMITMENT. but it starts at the top. We have told recruits that use the military as a stepping stone and that what most junior people are doing these days when we joined back in the day it’s because for the love of our country , u tell me now how many junior sailors can say that , most run from colors or wait till after colors to come out and then they do not understand militayr history , they only understand how come i am not making enough money or why can’t i do that. I do not condone the pictures michelle has taken, but the military is trying so hard to become coporate or contract everything out that people are starting to utilize their resources and make there moves and t not career moves it’ moves that hurt out image. If we can get the world behind us on this war and send positive comments to the troops then our image ould be better. I would die for my country so other can live on . I have done 2 tous in iraq on the ground , I have done 4 ship deployments and I am going to do one more before i retire. but i will tell all the guys that work for this. when i day and lay to rest , tell my mom and kids and wife i have done my best. Michelle you had goals and you used what was given to you a resource, we all have resources and we all take advantage of them. One more note the contract you sign is never over you will always be in the miltary and if you bleed like some of us or sweat liek the others or even put the uniform on when you go to civilian life you still hve the uniform on as long as michelle moves on she will always be an airfoce TI and she will be one of us, and we know that if she called and need help we military peorsonnel would not hesitate to have her back, she served and she ate the same dirt like some of us. The military wife who made her comment we could tell stories what really happens on deployment and u would be shocked, never down a women in uniform for what she has done , everyone has dreams or goals , if yours were to marry a military man that yours. i know a military wife is a rue perosn, my wife in the military , and there a difference your the supports and backbone , but as much as u think u know you do not know until u go through boot camp or yell at the sailor , marine , army or even the airman or coastie or have him talk smack to u in chow or been on deployments where we are worried about what the next guy going to do, until u put that uniform on please do not hold judgemnet not saying your job not important but wearing the uniform is different then actually supporting it. people have no lue how high are standards are .



  • I think, she has a nice pair tits and a cute ass!…. why not show off the body, rather than tear the shit out of it at war…… all you people who feel offended, are just ordinary citizens, living your day to day lives…… Boring!

    The world needs a PIN-UP GI Jane….. Michelle Manhart……. I salute you with my 40inch erection…Sgt…..


    James Ramzz


  • I wish more beatiful women like her would stand up for our rights. Way to go!! Your spectacular Michelle!!



  • The service should have ussed her as recruiting person. She is a beautiful woman and if she wants to flaunt it, why not.


  • Michelle is hot and she have the rigth to show her beutiful body. I think what she did have nothing to do being in the Air Force. I love your tit’s and your ass Michelle, way to go.



  • While she is beautiful in the pictorial it is out of line for her to do in her position.
    She took an oath to defend our country and in her role as a SSG she has an obligation to her superiors and subordinates. Posing for a pictorial could/will diminish her focus on her job and the way she is viewed. Superiors and subordiates may think of her as “easy” and be harassed and not taken seriously.
    You can’t be in a position of authority and do somethng like this and expect to be treated the same. I agree with the decision to demote her and think she should not be managing any other staff.



  • and for all you that think we that oppose this should get with the 21st century.
    Take a look at many of the comments by the men. “I salute you with my 40′ erection” is an example of how her subordiates will think of her. It is that kind of comment that affirms what I think is not appropriate behavior of a person in her position.
    The other comment “beautiful ass, big tits she makes me horny” Well I don’t think any E-1 or E-2 will get past that if she is trying to teach them life saving skills.
    She was wrong and should suffer the consequences according to the UCMJ.



  • she should be kicked out asap,thats a shame to our country and to the american women.



  • i’m joining up today ,train me sargent,thats why she has to be removed



  • we need to grow up and stop being pig headed about our bodies. she is good enough to defend our nation but cant do anything else on the side. there is alot more serious issues in the world.



  • Damn. She could stop the war by herself.



  • Yes! I came to salute this lady with my draws down and pistol in hand. AIM HIGH!!! Woman in the services have made great strides as we can all see. Promote them all I say…..set up battalions of them and send them to the front lines ASAP. Especially the semi-hot, skanky ones. Perhaps Al-Quida will lay down there arms and check out the goods. LOL. Then, we can bring the boys back and end the war.
    I’d rather see images of Miss Nude Airforce on CNN than a hairy Iraqi in some jail anyway.
    She is not the first to “advance” the status of woman in uniform and won’t be the last. You can’t have your cake and eat it too ladies. But, until then, lets all enjoy. I’ve always liked the airforce. LOL….
    You want respect you have to demand it. Until then, military folks, don’t air your dirty laundry to the world. Don’t give those who don’t have the intestinal fortitude or pride to serve in the military the satisfaction.
    We all know they would never open their mouths if you were standing in front of them regardless of gender but will always be the first to enjoy that blanket of freedom that you provide them every single night. The system will take its course. Save the anger for the enemy and smile as I have – HOOORAH.

    ps Yes – after 10yrs i’m now out of the military and can talk all the smack I want. I earned the right.

    strength and honor


  • She is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen! To hear her say she thinks she did nothing wrong? Those dog tags belong to the Department of Defense. Any uniform she was issued belongs to them to. She has disrespected every person in uniform particulalry women who have fought so hard to prove that they belong. She should be kicked out even if she did not wear uniform items. She raised her right hand and is a piece of the DoD until she gets out.
    She should have waited until she got out of the military. Her family should be ashamed too.
    How embarassing!
    She should be offered a job with Playboy. I’m sure magazine sales went up.
    That’s about all she is fit for…to sell magazines! (perhaps door to door!)



  • Nice ass, she’s got class, now let’s go with a 3 day pass.



  • An incredibly sexy woman, but it’s a shame she has no real morals. First, she knew posing like this would cause her no end of grief in the service. Second, as stated before, she’s very sexy, but also very slutty. She wants to be taken seriously, yet she poses nude for a porno rag? Great fast track for a whore, but not a good choice for someone looking to be considered classy, elegant, or refined. Sad choices.

    Rick Huffman


  • What about her kids,brothers,sisters or most important her father and mother. I know I wouldn’t want mt friends gaizing or beatn off to my daughter..



  • I am stupid and I don’t see what is the problem. My kid friends might see the pics or my parents also, it’s no big deal…….

    michelle manhart


  • Wow wish my TI looked like this when I went through. And she is in the Air Force not the fucking Army. Also she is not an officer she is a NCO non commisioned officer meaning that she is part of the enlisted force. That is all. Good day.





  • Hey, I wanted to check this spread out real bad (still haven’t seen it) then I read she was with the Iowa National Guard and in Kuwait in 2002… then it hit me…. I was there too and the Kuwait International Airport. HOW she became a Basic Training Instructor is a puzzle to me, since I recall in 2002 all she did was whin & complain of life at working and the conditions at Kuwait International Airport. Now I know she better being with H. Hefner than influencing with the up and coming Airman that will impact the mission.

    Mark Dall


  • Okay, I still don’t get the problem. So what, she exposed herself. Come to Europe, it happens everyday for all the right reasons. Photos are nice. Can she still pass the range and respond when called up? If so everything is kool in my book.



  • This woman is too luscious to be wasting her time in the military. That’s right Michelle, you were born to make love, not war! And to the boneheads above, she looks positively delicious without airbrushing. Booyah!



  • My son was abused by this woman and now I have to see her pussy. It is not that pretty.



  • I would just like to say, I think there is nothing wrong about this beautiful woman posing for playboy. I think that her posing for playboy has nothing to do with her ability to do her job. If I wasn’t over seas I would have bought the issue of playboy with her in it. Despite what some people may think or believe she is not a bad person for doing this. As a fellow service member I support her 100%.



  • I think it’s remarkable that people are still so afraid of the beauty of the human body.

    These are the same people who would impeach President Clinton for having an affair with a consenting adult and lying about it, but ignore the fact that President Bush lied to get us into Iraq.


    War and violence…GOOD

    Aaron from VA


  • I am a woman and even I think she is a hot momma! I really think people should lay off, most of the men are looking at it, and the women are just jealous. And so what if she is military, let the world see that we not only have the finest fighting force on the planet, but the sexiest too.



  • What a dirty little whore. I really don’t give a shiznit about military oath and all that crap about honor and the code and blah blah blah. But this woman has shown why women don’t belong in a man’s world — the military, a CEOs office, etc. Why? Because if they can, they will use their sexuality to their benefit, whether to get over or get preferential treament, whenever possible. They’re opportunists by nature and men, being stupid, will fight over this trick. She’s a wh0re. Too bad she wasn’t gangraped and beaten to a pulp by fellow soldiers. This Cun+ wouldve deserved it.

    Tron Carter


  • She is freakin hot. love the ass!



  • I hope this bitch fries for it, not so smart are you now dumbass!

    Playboy Troll


  • First things first. What dumbass Public Affairs Officer (usually a Lt.) let Playboy on Lackland AFB to photograph her in the first place? She was photographed with recruits so the picture of her making them do push-up’s didn’t happen off base. Second, I have been in the military a while as an instructor and have also been TDY many times to many places. I can honestly say that I have never met a military woman that wasn’t a complete slut. Married, single, officers, enlisted, aircrew, or admin. troops. It doesn’t matter. They’re all whores. That’s what’s great about the military. You can bang your 18 year old A1C one day and your 40 year old MSgt supervisor the next. They joined for one reason: a constant supply of man meat.



  • The thing that makes me so upset over this whole thing is that she lied when she said she didn’t think she would get into trouble. She was a Training Instructor at BASIC TRAINING! HELLO??? Like she doesn’t know the rules of the military. She knew damn well what this would cause, and she just wanted the attention. It was selfish as well, because of all the controversy it has caused the Air Force. I feel sorry for her, because one day, when all the hype is over, and nobody remembers who she is, and she MATURES, her family and CHILDREN will pay. Be not deceived, children pay for the sins of the parents!

    AF TSgt


  • Woman in the military are a joke to begin with. Who the hell wants a screaming, bleeding, mad cunt serving with them? I would have a hard time not laughing in the face of a 5 foot 6 female T.I. screaming at me.



  • Im in the USAF DEP…hope to find some hot TIs like her when i get to basic :-)



  • disgrace to the airforce uniform. sorry u had to be in the airforce. one more thing woman in the service, fuckin blows.

    us army


  • We all made an oath before we left the mepts; to protect the United States of America, and serve this country with our life. Integrity first, which is one of the 3 cord value of the air force. Your an actual T.I. , a intructor who can make a trainee into powerful soldiers and give them a new dreams, hopes, and new life that they want to get. This is the responsibility of all the T.I. in basic training. What will trainees would think if one of the TI went to playboy and pose for nude pictures? This will affect the basic training and shook the image of T.I. and the Air Froce. For all of the AirForce people WE HAVE A PRIDE, why decrease our pride with this nonsense picture? As one of the AF person, we are gathered to save people, and to protect this country. So we can see our next generations to come. Who would be so serious to risk their life to protect this country other than the military?

    USAF-Airman Moses


  • She is one of our parents @ our Elemenatary school. Sad to say what she did in my opinion was a disgrace to our military’s image..I bet all the guys/gals serving in Iraq and across the globe are real proud of her beause she is supporting them by posing naked for Playboy while they are getting killed,injured and away from their loved ones.

    Thanks for nothing Manhart..



  • I have no problem with her showing off her under armor! Looks real nice too! Great body G.I. Jane, aka Michelle Manhart!

    Why are men in the military so scared of naked female breasts and ass? It’s like military men want to pretend that women in uniform are not women at all, and once a boob pops out from her kevlar it’s like, “Holy Sh.., It’s a woman! She’s got to go!”

    I say any man in the military who disagrees with Michelle’s naked body being displayed, is either a A)fag B) an ignorant fag C) or all of the above!

    Why do basic training centers make men “nut-the-butt” for what they call “car wash” showers if they don’t condone nudity being displayed in front of other military personnel? It should go either way, regardless of a person’s gender.

    That’s right… Men’s penis heads rub up against the naked bottoms of the men just in front as of them as they shower in a tight line of other male recruits! Simply gross, especially if one gets an erection!

    Women do “breast-to-back” during “car wash” showers with the women in front of them. That’s right… Naked female breasts with eraser like nipples are pressed into the back of the women just in front of them!
    I’m beginning to think the military as a whole is turning gay or promoting homosexual acts!

    Had Michelle gone down on her CO, with Monica Lewinsky’s presidential kneepads, everything would have been hunky-dory! Bj’s according to the last Commander in Chief was not a sexual act…It was a favor!

    You know her CO is beating off to the photo spread, just like every one of her fellow airmen are. That’s the power of a woman over a man, and Michelle I commend you for creating hard bodied recruits as well as getting all men in the world hard at the same time! You did your job and you did it well!

    All you need to do now is get a 12″ strap-on and bend your CO over his own desk and give it to him hard like he tried to do to you! Show him who’s the real slut! You go girl!



  • kevin- i always had the right to work in mcdonalds, or wherever else i wanted to. you never gave me that right.



  • I interviewed Michelle Manhart last week for

    If you want to read the whole story, in her own words, go to this link:



  • Hey for all you anti-American and anti-military assholes, give me your address so I can visit you and put a 5.56 round through your f-ing face. How dare you judge what we do while playing X-Box. You pussies.

    As for all you Air Force bubba’s, how many Staff Sergeants do you have that look like that? Got to give it to you guys, best military quarters, chow and gyms I’ve ever seen. Kudos! Plus, you look great while bombing a clearance for us in Iraq.

    By the way to all you bleeding hearts out there. I’ve killed before and still sleep good at night. Ooh Rah!



  • Ok folks, bottom line is that she violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice. However, I don’t think she should have been discharged. Yes, she violated Article 134, UCMJ: Indecent exposure, but I feel that a non-judicial punishment would have been more appropriate. I’m not sure how it works in the Air Force, but in the Marine Corps, as a Staff NCO, i.e., Staff Sergeant, she wouldn’t have been reduced to Sergeant, instead she would have been awarded reprimand and would most likely never get to see the next highest rank and would only be able to retire at the pay grade she’s at right now. That’s a career ender in itself. I would be pissed if I didn’t pick up Gunnery Sergeant and would have taken my 20 years and ran.

    In the Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM) It states that indecent exposure is “(1)that the accused exposed a certain part of the accused’s body to public view in an indecent manner; (2) that the exposure was willful and wrongful; and (3) that, under circumstances, the accused’s conduct was to prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.”

    Makes sense to me!

    To you fellow “Devil Dogs” out there, specifically Ronnie, Matt B and Anti-Idiots. Semper Fi!

    Yo Anti-Idiots, not many people will understand the sacrifices and things we do for this country. Some people fail to realize that we do some nasty shit to stay alive and complete our mission. Then again, those are the people who always question orders.

    God bless all of those who serve. Yut!

    Marine Gunny


  • the us military is the biggest double standard i know. it goews well beyond this playboy incident. america prides its self on the freedom of its people. men and women in the us military have sacrificed their lives for centuries to support our way of life. i think its sad that as military members, we are not “allowed” to partake or other wise exercise our american liberties to the fullest extent of the american population because we volunteered to defend the country (and fight other countries wars… but i wont get into that here) why cant we enjoy the freedoms we inpart fight for… literally. i mean seriously, i could be just as easily get in trouble for writing this comment! so perhaps my citizen ship should read military and not american. americans have rights. military people do not.



  • That was My TI in basic in march og 06

    AIC Milledge


  • Just FYI, for all of you that think you know her, say you know her or claim to know her…you probably dont really know her cause if so you would have quoted the outcome correctly. As for all of you for or against, that is great that is takes something like this to get all involved I am happy to hear both sides and so is she…final story. She recieved an honorable discharge, an RE code of 1R (meaning she can reenlist today) and has been approached by another branch about becoming an officer. Say what you will but she was proven innocent of all charges and her record has been cleared and her honorable states SSgt and no punishment!

    Family Member


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