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Melanie Knauss – Donald Trump’s Wife Nude

  Radaronline has just discovered that Melanie Knauss, Donald Trump’s wife posed nude in Celebrity Sleuth (Issue 35) in the late 90s.

The pictures in the magazine show the future Mrs. Trump naked in various stages of undress and also naked with another woman.

Melanie Trump’s naked pictures are likely to cause some fresh challenges to the billionaire who’s just done handling Rosie O’Donnell.

Take a look at pictures from Sleuth Magazine and from the nude photoshoot she did on board Trump’s personal aircraft right here.

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  • she’s such a hottie.. but obviously staying with trump’s taken its toll oon her



  • She is a trophy wife. He will divorce her, too. He can’t keep his mouth shut – like a New Yorker (me too). She will take him for a lot of money. Maybe she can get even boobs then.

    What a slut.

    caroline wilson


  • sucksss



  • 313 south cline ave newton nc 28658

    wesley warren


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