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Vida Guerra Is The Sexiest Woman Alive?

The folks at Blackmen Magazine, like many others, believe Vida Guerra is the sexiest woman alive.

And this set of pictures from the magazine is aimed at turning around the non-believers.

See The Spread

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  • no she isn’t the sexist woman alive!! She is a hoe who uses her body to get attention imagine what she really does behind the camera, we all seen the cell phone pictures!!



  • thank you,jorge!
    but your right about it,she is using her ass 4 a fame only,nothing else and she like 2 sucking alotta celebrity guys’ dicks 2 make her more famous.she been seening a more groupie than a model,actress and a so-called a singer but she cant sing 4 a spanish girl and shes a nasty excuse 4 a latina,thats real talk.if any of yall vida’s haters out there,please hit me and yall vida’s fans need 2 fall the hell back and shut up!



  • c´mon now i wanna see the sexiest latina not ass i´ve seen to much ass and iam latino waaa who tha hell is tha sexiest latina dawg.


  • man im tired of this fucking hoe…she is always showing her ass which you can totally tell that it has been touched up and shit like that, cuz i saw her in person at a radio station, (and no, i wasnt there to see her, i won some game tickets, and was picking up) well her ass is full of stretch marks and cellulite dimples ewwww!! i wanna see a perfect ass with none of that touch up shit…real ass!! and plus she has pimples on her face with a ton of make up!! we need some natural looking girls please!!! i dont understand how they can say that she is the sexiest woman alive, shes not even a woman…she’s a one cent hoe!!!



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