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Phillipines Model Is Photoshopped To Hotness

  Maxim Phillipines launched recently with one of the apparently steamiest model from that country.

However Angelica Panganiban’s hotness took a beating when pictures of her before a calendar photoshoot and after she was ‘Photoshopped’ turned up on the internet.

Via Fleshbot
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  • shes hot



  • the ‘fat’ version looks so much hotter. i’d do her anyday!



  • Um yeah, bigger version is better.



  • Yeah, shes hotter bigger than the photoshopped..



  • sorry but all the mags from playboy to maxim to whatever this is are heavily photoshopped you are looking at paintings not photographs



  • Id hit the homely one, she prolly like to get freaky.



  • your retarded if you think that far verison looks better.. its gross



  • I can’t believe people needed the before pictures to “turn up on the internet” before they figured out this was airbrushed. The first two pictures have obvious perspective problems around the stomach. The third one is completely retarded. It has her left arm bent beyond physical possibilities and she has no arm pits either. There’s also remnants of a shadow from her left arm over her hair suggesting that her hair was originally behind her arm.

    All of Maxim’s, Playboy’s etc. pictures are airbrushed beyond recognition anyway so this is nothing new. I agree that the girl is more attractive before then after.



  • Still cute, even in the before pics. Fuck them for thinking its better to make her appear in thier “eyes” of beauty when most society doesnt fit it.



  • yeh i believe thats her fat body there.cuz when she wears clothes that show her stomach, her navel is really that big



  • In not to many years mags won’t have to pay for top models…they will just make them.

    Most people never see the models in real life anyway. This kind of stuff really signals the end of the “super” model.



  • I don’t get it. what is the point in hiring someone who is less than extremely attractive…when there are probably thousands of models who could fit the bill out there willing to pose…and when you have to photoshop them this much?

    perhaps they look for pretty faces instead of bodies, then, I guess.



  • hmmm.. havnt been in the phillippines for over 5 years but i can assure you shes not the hottest model there… just an actress really not even that good of an actress



  • The real version looks cute.

    Anonymous Asshole


  • HAHAHAHA her left arm in pic 3 looks so fucked up…. she has no shoulder and its coming out of her…ribs i guess. Whoever photoshopped this should be fired, I could do a better job in 30 minutes.



  • Hilarious – people think that “super” models actually LOOK like their airbrushed promo shots.

    That’s So funny! Way to buy into the illusion! :)



  • I find it funny that it’s a shock that the pictures need to be airbrushed to make the person look that good.

    They are in the business of creating a fantasy, are they not?

    A Ha!

    Mindy Hop


  • well.. she’s really pretty…….
    but she’s definitely not the hottest in the phillippines.. it’s ANGEL LOCSIN and KATRINA HALILI … search for their pics and they’re really hawtttt!!



  • WOW….!!! she’s desiring woman,i hope meet her someday.she’s the hottest 4 me.are u a VIRGIN?


  • Some people just can’t seem to take the fact that Angelica is enjoying considerable success now. People should just stop pulling her down.

    If you look closely at the photos, very clear that they were not taken around the same time. In the alleged ‘real” photos, the straps of the yellow, white and red bikini tops are different from the straps of those that she’s wearing in the calendar. Also you can see that the design of the red bikini on the cleavage area in the first set is not the same with the second which has a thin strap in between the two cups. If you also look at the bikini bottoms, the sides do not match for all the bikinis. The first sets all have thin sides while the ones used in the calendar have thicker sides.
    Granting that si Angelica nga iyang nasa pics na may baby fats, it doesn’t mean na niretoke and photos niya. She could have trained and toned her muscles in between those shots. Kasi obvious nga na different occasions naman kinuha ang mga pictures. Besides, inhaling (one’s breath) and making the right poses can make a lot of difference in pictures.

    Inggit lang yang mga naninira.



  • stop hatin’… geez!!! so what kung may baby fats si angel??? still, she looks pretty damn good and one more thing, i bet half of you people here are f—ing ugly that’s probably why you’re hating. mataba man o hindi, maganda pa rin sya, get it??? gosh!!!!!!

    kung magsalita kayo parang ang gaganda/gwapo/sexy nyo… i bet NOTTTTT. so stop hatin’ and leave angel alone.


  • anong sinasabi mo! wala naman akong gusto s

    angelina panganiban's


  • i cant believe that those body are frm angelika??



  • Still gorgeous even shes fat.don worry mahal ko,im wif u..



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