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Paris Hilton Feels Up Britney Spears

  Britney Spears continues to dominate celebrity headlines with her sexed-up parties, booze overdose, sex-videos and upskirts.

The latest is Britney’s over-exposed breast being groped by new pal Paris Hilton.

What’s next – a Britney’s Night In Paris video?

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  • Now that’s a video that sounds like a great stocking stuffer for Christmas!



  • britney baby i am there for you no need for lesbianism



  • wow we’d love to see a video like that!



  • paris hilton is ruining britney’s comeback and her reputation.


  • i masturbated to this twice already



  • love these chicks! despite everything.



  • this is britney’s last chance at being a celebrity and she’s making the most of it. Its highly unlikely she’ll ever make a comeback.



  • So, Shitney sports a shaved muffin – easier to de-gunk after a night of de-spunk. Now there’s two coochies penicillin is afraid of. Next stop for the Britless one – Hustler magazine (I would’ve said Playboy, but you have to be pretty and have a nice body…)



  • Must be in bad emotional shape. Very unclassy pictures.

    It would be better for her to pose nude in a magazine, and not showing on purpose drunk and partying…she looks stoned too…bad for her. She has a real talent, I don´t understand what she is doing with this kind of bad company, an untalented whore. I guess how his female young fans are feeling at this moment…



  • I am a massive britney fan.

    No stupid, not the terrible…terrible music, but of the woman, and I was alltogether massivley impressed, suprised and glad to hear about britney having been caught with both her wabs and flaps out. Now, though, the mistique has gone and I find there isnt a fantastic pot of gold between those legs but a shabby looking fanny and a ‘C’ Section scar to boot. Im dissappointed, and find my life now has no real meaning.
    She better team up with that worthless cunt Federline, bring out the porno and cash in soon or I’m gonna lose interest altogether.

    Concerned Party.




  • It looks like they both enjoyed their night out hooking!!!

    The one


  • this shit is raw and about fucking time. you know how long i’ve been waiting for her to turn into a bad girl/slut, a very long time. im digging it. if i met her in a club drunk, i’d fuck her. screw you guys. i kinda think after seeing those picture of paris hilton kissing that one girl on from her hacked cellphone i think a little bi-sexual encounter with britney will be in the deck somewhere. see how she groped her breast. i think paris likes women alot more. i wouldn’t be suprised to see a lesbo video of them together. i wanna see the so called video of britney spears.



  • Dammit! I’ve been waiting for these kinds of pictures and wild behavior from Britney! Damn! Why’d we have to wait for K-Fed to go in and get out before we got to see the rest of her? Dammit the world isnt fair! It’s either we don’t get to see the best things in life (like jessica simpson’s boobies) or we have to wait for so long! Dammit, I wan’t all y’all Pop stars/hollywood bitches to just damn show it all! Lindsay, I want you too!


  • this could be the best lesbian pair yet!!



    HO! HO! HO!

    macho gonzalez


  • I was once intrigued by the thought of what Britney Spears carried underneath those sexy thong underwear. I imagined how nice it must be and how great that butt would be. HOWEVER, after seeing the rash covered labia. The unimpressive crotch hear round the world. I couldn’t even get up the courage to rub the big fella to a happy end while looking at the overexposed pictures of Mrs. Spears VAGINA. How sad a day this has become. My dreams slashed, shredded and shot. I guess it’s time to turn to another fine female pop star that provides the imagination with refreshing thoughts of tight, clean, unrashed Vagina. Like maybe Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson.. Oh, what the heck… I need to go get my lotion!!! Anybody have some tissue….



  • In all honesty… I have rubbed it out at least 5 times while watching “A Night In Paris”… I had to come clean.. I find the thought of doing a Hilton instead of doing it in a Hilton very exciting. By the way, Paris does have a very nice little coochie….. Very nice….

    Yes I Did It...


  • I couldn’t believe that Britney didn’t at least wait until the rash cleared up before exposing us to the view of her shave hooch. The pic of her getting out of the car where you can see the red rash and hair on her butt hole really got me sick… Upon opening the link to the pics.. Here were my thoughts…”Yes, Finally” “Time to wack to Brits goods”… then when seeing the pics, it my thoughts were “Oh crap, I think I just threw up in my mouth” after tasting the regurgitated breakfast it was “Yep, I did”…. Thanks Brit, you owe me breakfast now…..

    What did you think


  • would like to have seen more clit



  • I’m planning on getting off right about now…



  • WOW, now THAT was some brainpower in that car.



  • Britney + Paris Hilton. Ah yeah! I love it. :D

    SCS 85


  • can i smash


  • Midriff shirts should be, should not be banned at school – Or choose other arousing clothing parts for another persuasive speech topic


  • show us your minge!!!!!!!



  • Paris is moving down the rungs if you ask me, and barely hanging on by her teeth. She was a lot more playful with my breasts, but then, mine are sagging so god-aweful badly, they may as well be tied together and used as a jump rope. I hope she was worth it, Paris. Just remember all the group fun we had in Venice!


  • paris is butch and screws britney but not enough.She should scew her day and night



  • I am ammending my earlier comment. Paris and Brit aren’t an item. Look for us together with a few friends in a communal sex tape soon to be released. Proceeds will go to charity!! SOrry, Paris. My boobs are here for you to play with still!
    Pat Hartman


  • BRITTNEY I want to be Just like you. I’m wearing a small cut-off dress getting a bikini wax almost every month. I like it when my Male and Female teachers rubbing my pussy with there two fingers. Like when teachers sometime sucks on them too only when i get in to trouble.I don’t have a friend like Paris but all four of my girl friends like bathing with each other while cleaning each other off. Britney I will love to make love with you.

    kimberly lee


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