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  PRIORITY MALFUNCTION: Even as farmers commit suicide, cities get flooded during the rains, power and water shortages plague all cities the Goverment ordered an enquiry into not any of the above or other roblems of this country but into the wardrobe malfunction in the India Fashion Week.

The investigation has now ‘revealed’ that the whole episode was an accident and not a planned publicity stunt.

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  • When will our government learn????? When will we get a serious set of guys to run our country??



  • I generally snigger at policiticians when they say the media is responsible. But in this case I have to agree with them. What was the need to show this on national television, not once, but again and again ? Every tv channel has been guilty of this. And then they take the moral high ground and ask why the assembly is discussing this non-issue. They all make me sick. Oh, what wouldnt I give to watch a intelligent news channel.



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